What are the Types of Rooftop Mounting Racks?

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2 min readJun 20, 2021

When you talk about solar power systems, it’s usually the solar panels that are the star of the show. It’s either them or the inverters that convert the current into usable electrical power for your homes. But rooftop mounting racks are an essential part of the system as well. Let’s find out why.

Image by Maria Godfrida from Pixabay

What are Rooftop Mounting Racks?

Where do you think solar panels are attached to when they’re installed on the roof of your homes? Most of them are installed on what you call Mounting Racks or Mounting Systems. They provide the perfect angle for the solar panels to collect as much sunlight as they can. They’re pretty strong and durable and are able to withstand severe weather. Roof-mounted racks have three types.

Railed mounting racks

Rail-less mounting racks

Shared rail mounting racks


Your choice of rooftop mounting racks will rely on the type, size, and slope of your roof and on the number of solar panels that you want to install. If you have limited space on your roof and you need to be creative with the layout of your solar panels, you may want to opt for rail-less or shared mounting racks. If you want the durability for your solar panels and flexibility of attaching accessories to your solar power system, then a railed mounting system is more preferable.

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