Solar For a Cause — Choose your own Fundraiser

On July 15–25, we will be holding the Solar for a Cause: A Santaquin Community Solar Project. What this hopes to achieve is to provide a venue for our Santaquin Homeowners to learn more about solar and help them purchase solar systems at wholesale prices. What’s more, we would like to give back to the community by offering to sponsor causes or fundraisers of your choice.


Participate to Donate — For every participant that attends the Facebook Live events, we will make a $5 donation to your cause of choice on your behalf.

Purchase to Donate — For every homeowner that chooses to get solar at wholesale prices anytime during the Santaquin Community Solar Project, we will gladly donate $100 to the beneficiary of your own choice on your behalf.


We had asked around our Santaquin Neighborhood initially looking for just one beneficiary for our Solar for Cause, but we found we can help a lot more so we’re starting with these three, plus one of your own choice.

Tough like Shane Simons

“On Nov 17 2020 Shane was involved in a terrible construction accident. As many of you know Shane is a self-employed painter and on the above mentioned date, while working on a client’s house, Shane fell 30 feet landing on his head. This fall resulted in many broken bones, a severely broken back and many other internal injuries. He also suffered a traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage.

Shane was LifeFlighted to Provo where a team of specialists started putting him back together. Against all odds Shane survived and has been fighting a tough fight since and has been in and out of hospital and treatment/rehab centers.

Shane is making great strides but he has a long tough road ahead.”

#StrayerStrong, LaCee Clayburn’s Baby

Strayer has Grade lll Intraventricular Hemorrhage, Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST), Hydrocephalus and Periventricular Leukomalacia.

Short explanation: blood in his brain ventricles, large blood clot, excess fluid in his ventricles, and “irreparable” brain damage to the area responsible for growth and development.

Strayer was born June 10, 2021 at 37 weeks gestation via planned c-section.

Latest update via their FB page as of July 12

“Strayer’s head ultrasound today showed no change, which is good in the bigger picture, it means he’s likely stabilized and hopefully it’s all shrinking soon. He’ll have an ultrasound twice a week to track progress. His head circumference has stayed at 37cm for at least 3 days now (I’ve lost track, could be longer

), which is also a sign of stabilizing.

Because Strayer’s now considered stabilized and only needing tube feeds…We got to move to the pediatric floor!

No more PICU

One step closer to home.

To go home his head ultrasounds need to show no change or shrinking consistently for a while. They aren’t planning on releasing Strayer for a few weeks at least.”

O.U.R — Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad is non-profit 501(c)3 organization that relies one hundred percent on donations to save children. Their motto is, “WE EXIST TO RESCUE CHILDREN FROM SEX TRAFFICKING AND SEXUAL EXPLOITATION”.

Operation Underground Railroad paves the way for permanent eradication of child sex trafficking through Coordinated Rescue and Recovery Planning. O.U.R. has made a significant impact in the fight to end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by rescuing and supporting thousands of survivors in 28 countries and 26 U.S. states.

Learn More

Cause of Your Choice

When we looked for causes to sponsor, we quickly discovered there are more good causes than we can list here.

As a result, we felt somebody needed YOU to be their voice and select their cause. When you register for the event, you can specify which cause you want us to support and we will make a donation on your behalf.


We encourage you to register now at so you can participate in our Solar for a Cause — A Santaquin Community Solar Project. Aside from helping your chosen fundraiser, you will also be eligible for other freebies and bonuses during the Live broadcasts.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now.

Originally published at on July 13, 2021.



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