See you at the New Santaquin and Payson Community Solar Project

Last July, we held the Santaquin Community Solar Project for two weeks. The goal of our event was to offer solar at wholesale prices. It also allowed us to donate to deserving fundraisers chosen by our participants. Participants won prizes and giveaways when they attended the live events. Our new Santaquin and Payson Community Solar Project is happening this August 26 to September 5!

The Highlights of our last event

If you want to know more about the highlights of our two-week event, check out these links:

Event 1 — Why are my neighbors going solar?

Event 2 — What is the payback and other benefits of solar?

Event 3 — Which solar system configuration should I buy?

Event 4 — How do I size my solar system and buy at wholesale?

What can you look forward to?

Our goals in hosting the new Santaquin and Payson Community Solar Project are simple. First, we want to give homeowners a chance to learn more about solar before they make their purchase. We want to educate more people about the benefits of solar and encourage them to get it before it’s too late. Second, we want to bring them into a community where people can share their experiences with having solar on their homes. Third, we want to do “Solar for a Cause” as a way to give back to the community by having beneficiaries to raise funds for.

During our live events, we will teach you all these things and more. You will be free to ask your questions, take notes and learn. These “classes” will be broadcast live but replays will be available.

If you’re lucky, you will be able to win prizes simply from participating and watching the Live Broadcast.

During the event, we offer our Endgame Solar Systems at Wholesale Prices and will donate $100 to a Cause of your Choice on your behalf upon your purchase.

Register Now

To register for our event, go to

Follow us

We at Ask Solar Mike are planning future Community Solar Projects. We will continue with our Live Events, Prizes and Giveaways and help you get solar at wholesale prizes. If you want to be like our previous winners and win big-time, simply click any of the links below and Follow us to be updated about our upcoming events. See you there!



Originally published at on August 24, 2021.



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