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7 min readMay 13, 2021


This is a transcript of my video on Facebook, published on January 26, 2021.

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Boom baby! Alright, today we’re gonna do another Rags to- Rags to Riches transformation. What I’m doing is I’m taking you backstage so that you can see what I’m doing in my business and the processes to be able to help me and my clients to be successful.

This is, this is a system that I currently use. Um, I call this my “3 Step System for Helping Clients Save and Make Money with Solar so they can Have a Good Life.” Now, when- I’ll show you kinda the backstory how I come up with this.

There is this book that’s called, “Taking People With You.” I took and I read this book, and I really liked it. What it was is, is, this, this, individually- there’s a lot of people that wanna be the hero. They wanna have all the credit for themselves, that they’ve done all this stuff.

And what it talked about is, like it’s good to be successful but it’s better to be successful and take people with you so that you’re not the only one. And uh, I said, “Man, how do I take and use what he’s talking about to be able to make my business better?”

But I also wanna differentiate me from all of my competitors. And so, I, I’ve been working away and honing a process. It’s not perfected, but it has created such a significant improvement in my business as far as helping me succeed, and helping my clients succeed.

That I thought I’d take a minute to show you. Really, it’s really a 3-step process. And so, let me show you what I mean. Um, I do solar. Uh, and when I sit down with clients, I’m a wholesale provider.

So I sit down with clients and I can help customers cut their bill in half, about, it’s about half on average. But, because I’m a wholesale provider and I’m trying to figure out how to differentiate myself, I’m usually somewhere between $6,000–10,000 less on a solar system than all of my competitors.

Like, if that’s not differentiation enough, that is one that I use to be able to help my customers be successful is by creating and providing a wholesale solution. And so, not only do I step in and say, “Okay, let me- let’s sit down and figure out how to cut your bill in half.”

But then the next question I said is, is like, “How do I help my customers earn money?” And when this came up, here’s what I know: In this Utah market — that’s where I live — is the, the air quality is so bad, that in 2019, they passed the Utah Clean Air Act.

What that means is, is all the utility companies have got to convert to renewable power. Or in other words, everybody is going solar, they just don’t know it yet. And I mentioned that to my clients, I’m like, “Okay, look. Here’s what we can do.”

Like, I can- If, if your friends are, they’re gonna get solar eventually anyways. They really have three options: they can get it with me and we can provide a wholesale solution and give it to ’em $6,000–10,000 less, they can get it from my competitor and pay full retail prices, or they can take and just stick with the utility company, get solar anyways.

But they’re gonna pay substantially more than what I would charge, my competitor would charge, they would actually just pay what the utility company charges, with their increasing rating prices. Or rate increases.

And so when I show that to my customers like that, I’m like, “So, who can I go help um, and save with solar?” But here’s the thing, anybody that gets solar based on this referral, you actually get paid out.

Now, if you followed me for any period of time, you see how I take pictures with briefcases full of cash with my customers. I’ve gotten it, I really got excited about being able to taking to say, “Here is the tangible cash.” And I would take them out, and I would give that to the customers.

But then what I noticed is during this COVID environment, all of sudden getting access to cash became very challenging for my bank. And so, for the last three weeks, I have been using — I don’t know if you guys have ever used Venmo — but I started using Venmo.

And so, I started making these payments to customers instead of actually giving them the cash. And as you can see, over the last three weeks here’s just payments that I’ve made to these, to my clients.

And, what’s kinda exciting about this is I was talking with, I was talking with one of my finance companies. And I was just asking ’em, uh, I said, “How many-“ Like, here’s what I’ve done this past year — I’ve paid out $30,000 in uh, referral fees and uh, cash and stuff to my customers.

And I said, “Has anybody else, do you know anybody else that’s done that here in Utah?” And they’re like, “Mike, there’s nobody. Not even- they’re not even close to being able to pay that much money out to take and help their customers.”

Um, and part of the, part of it is, is lot of them they’re gonna go knock on doors or whatever, and they’re gonna talk with that, that individual once and then they’ll never see ’em again. Um, I said, “Well, these guys are not- these guys are actually my friends. Like, what I wanna do is to be able to help them be successful.”

And so as result, when I would go meet with their friends, 95% of the time when I presented my offer and I show them what I could do to help them cut their bill in half, they’re like, “Boom! That’s what I’m talking about, Mike, of course I’m interested. I want solar. Help me, help me cut my bill in half.”

And then, the next question is, “Now, how do I help you earn money? Who can I go see?” And so, I have achieved these two goals — “Save the Money” and then “Earn”. But now, we slid into 2021. Now, my next question is, “How can I take and scale?”

Because if you’re like me and if you’re like my customers, uhm, I’ve got customers right here, right now. Uhm, one of them’s like, he just bought a CanAm and he’s like, “Man, I need to accessorize this thing. I need five, ten thousand bucks to be able to put all these accessories on it.”

I have another that says, “I’m pouring a cement patio in my backyard and it would be awesome if I could find a way to be able to pay for that.” And I have another one that’s like, he likes guns. He’s a police officer and he collects guns. He buys them, uhm, that’s just what he does. Uhm, I had one that wanted a reclining full-body massage chair.

And so, when I started looking at all these different needs that different people want, there’s a lot of things that could be solved by being able to help them accomplish what they want in a fashion that’s in the form of a passive income.

And so, what I said is, “You know what, let’s do this year different. Let’s figure out how we can take and scale and help you get what you want faster than what we’ve done in the past. And so, what I did is, I could, I started uh, creating, like Facebook Ads and stuff.

I started doing online marketing and started trying to pull in more leads and opportunities to help more customers. And I said, “You know what? What if we did this? What if we did something that nobody else was doing? What if I got together with you and we created a video. Shot a video with you and me talking about your experience.

Showing your experience. Showing your, tell them your stories. What was your friend’s experience? What was your neighbor’s experience? Like these people that are connected to you. Like people are curious. They want to know. And, I tell you what, “Let’s create this thing. I’ll actually pay for the ads. I will run the ads, so you won’t have to worry about anything, and anybody who gets solar out of that ad, uhm, will get you a referral commission.

Or in other words, let me figure out, let’s work together and I will help you create a passive income strategy where you can just get money coming in without actually having to do any work or talk with anybody.

And I’ve had, I haven’t approached all my clients yet. I’m only, I just have to take my time because I’ve got a limited bandwidth. But, so far, I’ve had a lot of people say, “Mike, dude, if you can help me make passive income, so that I can get this different things that I want and be able to fund them, like I am all IN! I’m super jazzed and I’m super excited!”

And so, this is a strategy — Save, Earn and Scale. Those are the Save, Earn and Scale that I’m using to be able to get my clients the results, like immediate results, to make their lives even better.

Anyway, if you’re curious and you wanna learn more about it, you can just reach out to me. My uh, website is AskSolarMike.com. You’re welcome to come there, send me a message, send me a line, whatever. I’ll be happy to take and be able to help you.

Uhm, anyway, this is a Rags to Riches Transformation. This is a Behind-the-Scenes look at exactly what I’m doing to be able to help my customers and help me to be more successful.

Anyway, I will talk to you later!

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