3 Secrets Your Utility Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

This is a transcript of my video on Facebook, published on February 10, 2021.

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Alright! We’re live! LIVE! LIVE!

Okay! Today, I’m gonna take and I’m gonna break down three secrets for you today. Okay. These are the three secrets that your utility company does not want you to know. And as soon as I point it out and you see exactly what I’m talking about, the light bulbs are gonna go on. You’re like, “Uh huh! They did not want me to know that!” And in fact, it is true.

Okay, here’s Secret Number One. The utility companies buy solar at $0.03 cents and they sell it to us at $0.12 cents — $0.21 cents a unit. Did you realize that? That they- the utility companies, they discovered the same thing that we all know, right?

Solar, Solar’s here. It’s more affordable. It does a better job at getting a low-cost power to us as the consumer. They discovered this and so what they’ve done is they’ve actually gone out and they are buying power from solar and feeding it directly into your homes, so whether or not you know you’ve got solar or not, you’ve got solar. You’re consuming it.

The difference is, is we take and we drop solar directly onto your house, we can add a 3-cent conversation and if we continue to do it the old model, then we’re gonna have a 12- to 21-cent conversation. That’s how it is, okay?

Like, and the other sneak attack they they’re gonna do is, as time goes on, they’re gonna continue to do rate increases and so the 12- to 21- cents will actually continue to step up. But if you have solar, solar doesn’t care about inflation rates, so we can have a three-cent conversation instead of having this crazy conversation up here. Okay, that’s secret number one.

Secret Number Two! Have you noticed that the gas prices have dropped from around $3.50 a gallon to around $2.50 a gallon and your power bill did not go down? The utility companies do not get all of their power as of yet from solar. They’re moving that way. But as of yet, they have not, they don’t pull it all that way.

So they consume fossil fuels. Fossil fuel is what causes the power. They take and turn around and sell that power to you. The gas prices used to be up in the $5 dollar range. It used to be five, four, whatever. It’s now down into the $2 dollars, but have you seen a drop in your utility bill?

No! That’s a sneak attack! That’s the secret of having a monopoly. In fact, if you look at your bills, your bills never go down. They actually continue to go up. Like, they’ll say that it’s very expensive to operate a utility company. Therefore, it’s gotta have a monopoly, right?

Well, last time I checked, drilling for oil, having a refinery, processing it and getting it all the way from there to all the way to your house was also expensive. And they do not have a monopoly and as a result, you see some decrease in prices and that’s the secret, okay?

The monopoly is what allows them to continue to hold prices steady in the, in spite of the fact that costs have come down. You can source solar at $0.03 cents. You can source this other, the cost of fuels has come down and it’s not getting passed on to you.

Secret Number Three! Block Charging! GO!

You take and you go pop out your electric bill, you’re going to see this. This is a sneak attack. Okay. What I mean is, in life, whenever you go out and you start buying products or commodities, the more you buy, the better price you expect, right? That’s how the world works.

So, I’m gonna buy 100 of those things versus 10, I expect 100 discount. Well, as a result, that is how the world works but it is not how the utility company works. They do this thing, it’s called Block Charging. What that means is, if you or us as a consumer, we decide we want to consume more, for as we consume more, they will increase the price and increase the price and increase the price and increase the price.

I’m not talking about just your bill going up. I’m talking about the price per unit will continue to increase through their block charges. That is how you get a $0.12 cent to $0.21 cent per kilowatt hour, uh, rate on your bill.

Uhm, that’s, that’s like a sneak attack. It’s crazy! Like, you would expect to have a discount. So, we’re kind of all this thing, I had an experience recently where this stuff kinda came to a head a little bit. If you’ve been looking, I’ve been putting ads out there and I’ve got this ad with a bull.

Okay, the bull is sitting there and he’s got this farmer back there trying to milk him. (Hoo-hoo-hoo-hooo) (Yeah, I got my daughter to smile) So the bull’s got his little balls over here getting milked, right? And then his eyes popped because he can’t milk a bull! That’s the problem.

And he’s very aware of it and I said, “Is your utility company milking you?” And I went through and I started detailing out some of these facts and this guy started getting a little bit excited. And I was like, “What is this guy’s beef, man?”

Like, it doesn’t bother me that he’s getting a little bit excited in the comments on my post but my curious is, “Why do you have such a major objection to-“ Will I bring the light to the truths that I’m sharing right here?

And uh, so I’m like, “What the heck?” I clicked on the dude’s profile. Brought up his profile. He is the Director of Provo Power, which explains why he got all excited!

Uhm, I was like, “Ah!” So I called him out on it. I can see. I can see your objection to solar because you are the Director of Provo Power. And I said, “That’s okay.” Because when your paycheck, think about it, when your paycheck is tied to a thing that probably needs the chains, people typically get territorial, I’m pretty concerned.

I understand that. I had a friend of mine who, he was Senior Engineer at Rocky Mountain Powell. Worked there for a long time. As soon as he retired, and his paycheck was no longer tied to the fact that he was getting a paycheck, or he had to go to work and look at his co-workers, he put solar on his house.

And I was asking him about it. He’s like, “Dude, I know what’s going on. I know how things revolve and I know how things are changing. He goes, “I’m not gonna pay.” Like, he’s gonna step into an environment where he’ll find himself in a fixed income.

Therefore, why would he want to whittle down his future, like his ability, like the government gives you a 1% cost of living raise, right, and inflation, way in excess of that? Uhm, he’s like, “Why would I participate in that? I’m not gonna do it.” Like, I’ve gotta protect us, right, him and his family.

So he had me drop solar on so, I mentioned that to this guy. And this guy, he came out and he did in fact tell me, and I was a little bit surprised. Uhm, he came out and he actually accidentally disclosed some of these things and he confirmed your suspicion that they are in fact — he bought over 80 MegaWatts of power, uh, solar at $0.03 cents, they sold it back to the consumers at $0.12 cents.

Uhm, you got solar whether you know it or not. The difference is he’s got the middleman position. We could just say, “Let’s just go straight to the source!” I mean, they went here, they went and bought solar to feed it here to feed it to you, right?

Well, my word! You take this and just put it directly on your house! Boom! Solved the problem! No one participating in the middleman squeeze. Uhm, the cost of this stuff’s gone way down so you could get, let’s start having the three-cent conversations instead of 12- to 21- cents.

Does that make sense? That way, we can take and check out. Anyway, those are some of the things that I have learned that I thought would be interesting that you would discover.

Anyway, you can go to my website, www.AskSolarMike.com and you can learn more about this. Happy to help. You can send me a DM, happy to help. I’ll show you these things. You can like literally we can pull it up. I can show you all this stuff right there on your bill.

Solar will cut your bill about half. Uhm, and over a 50-year period, I don’t know exactly how much money you’re spending on power but what I do know is, is rate increases continue to go up and we put solar on your house, and you don’t have to participate over a 30-year window, you’re probably gonna save between 50 to 100,000 bucks.

Well, what I’m talking is, it’s significant amount of money because when the solar’s paid off, like we put it on, it’s less than you’re paying now. We put it on, it pays off. You check out. I don’t care anymore.

So, anyway, check it out. Go to my website, AskSolarMike.com.


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